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We don't have an LMS (Learning Management System), how can we still use e-learning modules for our employee training?

With an LMS (Learning Management System), employee tracking is easier. However, if you dont have any LMS, e-learning content can also be provided as a file, either sent by e-mail or alternatively made available on a server. The content is then displayed locally on the employee's PC. Learning progress can also be monitored with manual tracking.

We have an LMS (Learning Management System), is it possible to add the content you created to our system?

Yes, in principle this is not a problem as long as your LMS has the following technical standards for importing the learning content: SCORM, Tin Can API or AICC. 
I will provide you a ZIP file with all necessary content.

Classroom training vs. e-learning

E-learning is a great way to support flexible, time- and location-independent as well as self-directed learning. 
But not every topic can be converted into a pure e-learning module. Accompanying coaching or classroom courses are usually very helpful and can support the learner individually. I would be happy to help you find out which training concept is best suited for your topic. 

We already created an e-learning module some time ago. However, this is no longer up to date and would need to be revised. Is that possible?

There are several ways to update existing modules. Has your module been created with the help of the authoring tool "Articulate Storyline"? Great, then I can use the original .story file to easily update and customize your project as desired. Was the module created on another authoring tool? Contact me and I can show you the possibilities .